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One of the most popular things on this blog is my wish list – it gets lots of visits. But, alas, no one actually responds to that list. I guess everyone thinks that someone else will. (there is one person who sends a donation about once a month, not related to the list.)

Well, it’s near Holiday Time. And like every year, I’ll put together a Christmas list. I still haven’t heard from my kids, but I haven’t given up hope on that. I still don’t have housing, but I’ve been told that I’m “next” on the list. So there’s a little hope there as well.

As for all the other things on the list, I guess that’s regular “gift bags for the homeless” stuff.

Now that the weather is getting colder out, I could really use some gift cards to Starbucks or Dunn Bros. With those I can get inside somewhere, so to stay warm, have coffee and use the wifi – McDonalds also has wifi, and gift certificates too – and they open at 5:30am!

Right now, I’m getting the Chess bug and have been playing a good bit. What I would really like to have is one of those U.S. Chess Federation regulation chess sets, with plastic weighted pieces and a vinyl roll up board and carry case. It would be easy enough for me to carry around, as well as play and practice with it. If you ever go to, look for me. Of course, my screen name is thehomelessguy.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless


  1. Danielle Martillo

    Oh, and where’s your wish list?


  2. Danielle Martillo

    Hi Kevin,

    I found you by googling homeless. You are a terrific writer! I’m actually looking for my father. I think he is homeless and in Fort Worth, TX. I’ve hired a PI and nothing comes up. I was able to trace one address back to a homeless shelter and actually went to a few of them in the same area but came up with nothing but an uneasy feeling in my stomach. I saw my dad over 15 years ago. He is a disbabled vet – served in the Vietnam war. He was living in his mother’s house but when she passed away my Aunt sold it. I’m now in search of him. I don’t want anything more than for him to know that I love him. Any advice?


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