Church Street Park Updated

Well, tomorrow is thanksgiving.  There aren’t as many people downtown as there is usually.  The Downtown Partnership still has an off duty, yet in uniform, police officer watching the Church Street Park.  But, one thing has changed.  Instead of standing alone in the middle of the park, the officer is now standing on the sidewalk across the street from the park, yet still watching the park.  I guess that way the heavy handedness of their police state tactics are not so obvious.

Just know that for each day the Nashville Downtown Partnership pays to have that cop watching the park so to keep the homeless out – whoops, I mean he’s really there to keep the pigeons and rats out of the park.  They could be using that money to provide useful services to the homeless.  Oh, yeah.  Remember how the parks department said that it destroyed the old park cause of the rats and pigeons?  Well, shouldn’t the partnership be paying to have a rodent exterminator present in the park at all times?

Actually, the amount the Nashville Downtown Partnership is spending on keeping security in the “public” park for one full day could actually pay for an apartment for a homeless person for an entire month.

About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless


  1. Oops, the reason the comment is here, this was the first place that gave the option to leave one. The other post that says 1 comment also did not show one.


  2. Wanted to leave a comment on “Life Sucks”: it could be worse, you could be homeless in Stroudsburg, Pa. 18 degrees in the vicinity last week.


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  5. skipcourt

    Shame on you, Kevin….you know as well as I that the officer is there to make sure that city ordinances are not violated. No one is keeping anyone out of the park. I have personally observed people of all races, creeds, and economic standings using the park.

    And by the way, the park security person is not funded by the Downtown Partnership, but by privately raised money….money raised by those who care for the safety and well being of EVERYONE who chooses to use the park.

    Why don’t you find something truly meaningful to direct your writing talents at….you are actually very well spoken and there is a nice flow and feel to your writing…too bad you are wasting it on these paranoid, negative tirades……


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