SNOW !!!

The “wintery mix” that had been called for all day long, finally began, just as the Room In The Inn shelter program started gearing up for the evening. And the prognosis was not good. Just the threat of snow can freeze Nashvillians in their tracks. When Rachel came outside to being the process of bring the homeless in, she announced that many churches had cancelled, and so about 100 beds for the homeless were lost for the night. She had already called the rescue mission and warned them that they would be getting more people than usual. She even told the women that she would supply them with bus passes, so that they could get to the women’s mission, which is located a few miles away. And it seemed that even I was not going to make it in for Room In The Inn, but I did. My ticket was good enough.

But, tonight might be even worse, now that there really is snow on the ground. More churches may cancel. The rescue mission will be packed beyond capacity. Not everyone will get a bed for the night.

If you or your organization or church, whatever, are able to take in some homeless people, even for just this night, you could call Room In The Inn, and ask for Rachel.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless


  1. I am equally disappointed at the churches that felt the need (for whatever reason) to cancel their participation in RITI this evening. There are two reasons for my disappointment, firstly as Churchlady32 says that now there are folks that don’t have a place for the night and it is indeed going to be a cold night, but secondly I am disappointed that men and women who make a commitment have failed to be faithful to their word… what other commitments will they also fail to keep?


  2. i think this was very ignorant on the part of these so called Christians! we may have different opinions, however, the treatment of people is ridiculous!! i cannot believe a little snow prevented humans from having a warm place to sleep!! total outrage.


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