Republicans Are Socialists – Here’s The Proof

Spreading The Wealth Around

Here’s the deal – on average, the states that received more in Federal Funding than it’s population contributed, voted Republican. The states that voted Democratic in the last presidential election contributed more money to the Federal coffers than they received.

Crazy, eh?


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  1. yeah, but Dave, a saying doesn’t dispute a thing like actual information can.


  2. And the Republican crowd always accuses the Democrats of socialism… This sort of reminds me of the old saying, “Figures don’t lie but liars can figure!” I guess it’s ok to spread the wealth around as long as you are on the receiving end. Apparently it’s only a problem when someone suggests you give more than you receive…


  3. interesting graph. maybe there’s something to that, but like they say “correlation does not imply causation”


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