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Is there any law in the United States of America that requires people to have a home?


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless


  1. Don

    My belief (right or wrong) has been that the Public, as owner of public property, can decree through law whether or not any part of that property is to be used for living on, camping on, etc. If not, then no one can legally do these things. So if it's a public park and not a campground, the police can rightfully evict you. It's not unusual for them not to bother if there isn't a nuisance being created. So no, you aren't required to have a home, but you also cannot violate property rights. This is my uninformed opinion. Obviously, the People can rewrite the law so that folks can camp in the park if a majority of them choose to do so.


  2. Might be covered under vagrancy laws.A government "of, for and by the people" ~ to me means we are the government; since government owns all land not privately owed, city parks and such, I think we have the right to sleep on 'our property' ~ Prior to formation of this country, natives to the land could pretty much sleep anywhere they pleased.Myths: not sure this qualifies, hear it a lot: They won't avail themselves of services. 'They' will and do ~ just take a peek at lines to use showers or get a meal. Or talk to a homeless advocate. Shelters that are run like prisons do tend to turn-off people who might otherwise 'avail themselves' ~ of limited shelter here in LB.


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