Ted Williams

I think I owe Ted Williams, the golden homeless voice, a bit of a thank you. The number of readers my blog has entertained today had tripled from the usual number, apparently because people were searching the internet for more information on him. Checking my site meter, I found that many people googled, and yahooed, “the homeless guy with the voice.” Number one listed on those searches was my blog.

Thank you all for stopping by.

I do want to say something about him. I think this is an amazing thing for him. I hope for him the best. This new opportunity may be the very thing to lift him up off the streets. But, there is something I must say. I know the tale tell signs of crack addiction, and Ted has got it all over him. He said in one video that he has been clean for 2 years. I just don’t believe it. I think he is currently using. And because of this, I would not be surprised that in the not too distant future we will hear a story about him falling off the wagon, using the money he earned to buy dope and ruined his life once again. I very much hope that’s not the case. It is, though, a real possibility.

As for me, today was a good day. I had lunch at Blackstone, courtesy of a reader of my blog. Thanks, Greg.

Another friend is wanting to throw a birthday party for me. I very much appreciate him wanting to do so, but I don’t know how well that will go. I’m not really known for being the sociable type. I don’t go to parties, and for the most part, people have stopped inviting me to such events. With my social anxieties and other social inabilities, I’m not sure that many would be inclined to come. Still, a couple people have rsvped. That’s better than nothing.

I need to get a new ID card made as my current one expired on my birthday.


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  1. I really hope he will stay clean. Problem is that it is something that he can't do without help and not unless he wants it bad enough. He gave up the help which tells me he doesn't want it bad enough. It is really sad because he could do so much with his life.


  2. A friend asked me what I thought about him and I said, I wish him well, but think he will fall off the wagon. Years of living, knowing too many drug/alcohol abusers, I am cynical.


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