Did Homeless Man Ted Williams Relapse?

I just read that Ted Williams left rehab. More than likely he has relapsed, but maybe not. Still, he was in rehab for only two weeks, which is not enough time to overcome addictions.

All the attention he has received could have been too stressful. The sudden drop in attention could also have triggered stress. Extreme changes in one’s life can be difficult for anyone, let alone someone with such a debilitating condition as addiction.

I worry that people will now give up on Ted and his attempts to rehabilitate. And I am certain that some people will use this as an example that proves helping the homeless is futile. But, that’s just not true. Many addicts relapse, and many relapse many times. Still, each attempt at overcoming this problem is a step forward. Getting over addictions is a long and difficult process, even for the strongest of us.

Sure, the signs were there from the beginning that he was going to have a rough go of it. When he said he had been clean for 2 years, I knew that wasn’t true. And that lack of honesty, though expected of addicts, was certain to be a stumbling block for him.

If Dr Phil really is any kind of a man, he will find Ted, this time without cameras tagging along, and will talk Ted back into rehab.


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless

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  1. You know I too struggled and squandered many years of my life with addiction. It was very hard to overcome. I tried almost everything. It wasn't until I reached the depths of humility on my knees crying out to God. Only by the grace of Jesus, have I now been clean for a little over 7 year's.


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