The Rest Of Preston Grishaber’s Questions

For a summer class project, Preston has sent me 10 questions about this blog. I’ll try my best to answer them all in the time allotted.

6.       What would be your ideal writing experience be, I read in a older posted article in USA Today that you would like to write a book, would that  be your ideal experience or just another stepping stone?

Answer: Although I do a bit of writing, I don’t really consider myself a writer. Well, not much of a writer. I’m more of an advocate who writes, than a writer who advocates. The idea of a book interested me only so far as it would 1.) further my advocacy for the homeless, and 2.) would generate an income I could live on. After having researched the book writing process and discovering the very limited potential for getting a book published, and even more limited potential for making a living from it, I’ve pretty much given up on the idea. Although I have overcome a lot conerning writing, the act of writing is still very difficult for me, and I don’t do it very well. I seriously doubt, given all I know about myself, and given what is involved in getting a book published, that I have it in me to make a book a reality.

7.       Where do you think you would be if you hadn’t started or found writing as an outlet and way to communicate with others?

Answer: I have no idea. There really is no way to see down paths you have never traveled. The blog gave me a reason to live that I did not have before.

8.       Homelessness has greatly affected your life, do you think that if you had not experienced homelessness that you would still be writing?

Answer: Homelessness didn’t “affect” my life, homelessness is my life. From my current vantage point, given my mental health issues with Aspergers and the lack of compassion I was raised with, it seems pretty clear that I was destined for homelessness. It was only a matter of time. Writing only came to me by chance of the educational program that was offered at the homeless day shelter, and by the advent of blogs. Without those two events, I don’t think I would have bothered with writing.

9.       One of your posts talked about your bucket list, what are your top 5 items and do any of the involve writing?

Answer: I don’t recall a bucket list. I may have written one but it doesn’t come to mind. At this particular moment in my life, writing a bucket list seems pretty silly since I don’t have the means to fulfill any thing of that nature. Though, now that you’ve got me thinking about, I can imagine doing some things. I would like to live out the rest of my days near an ocean beach. I would like to travel Europe and visit the great art museums, and historical sites – perhaps a tour of all the places where Van Gogh lived and painted. I would like to live in a real house in a normal american suburb. (though still near an ocean) I feel like the inner city is contributing to my early demise. I’d like to have my children (who are now grown) visit me on a regular basis. This would require me having a regular home, the place I have now is no place to entertain visitors. And, I’d like to “go home” like the character Sol did in the movie, “Soylent Green,” listening to Beethoven’s Pastoral and surrounded by nature’s beauty.

10.   If there is one message that others should take from your blog what do you think it would be?

Answer: Sadly, I’m not sure that I have put the right material into the blog that would allow people to get my message about homelessness.

My message would be along the lines of:
Life really is too short, and too precious, for people to be wasting time harassing each other over their imperfections. If you think it’s important that people do better with their lives, then be the one who gets in there and helps them become better.

There is the old saying, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for life.” Concerning homelessness I think the saying should continue, “But if you’re unwilling to teach him how to fish, then shut the hell up and leave him alone.”


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