Is America Great?

What I’ve tried to say in the past. It’s said better here. It was once said, “America is great because America is good.” Can that really be said in honesty, anymore?


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless


  1. Why don't you give us some details of how the system actually worked for you? How did get the help you needed?


  2. Fluidly Unsure

    Excuse me for dumping a long comment, but my own experience is another side of the story you are telling. I'm not saying society is right for putting you through what it has, I'm just saying that sometimes the system does work. As much as I hate the system and the bureaucrats that run it, I have to admit it did work in my case.

    I spent 10 years in the public “safety net” that helped me when the doctors thought my case was hopeless. Then about 5 more years recovering from losing 1/4 of my brain to a surgeons knife and I was ready to start getting in as an adult.

    I am very familiar with not being able to “relate” in society. My seizures messed up my memory enough that at 40 I had to keep relearning lessons I should have learned as a teen. I thought of myself as a teen in a 40 year-old body. I know what it is like to be thrown into society when you can't handle it and society doesn't want to take the time to tolerate anything outside the norm.

    The system obviously doesn't work for everybody, but society is trying. While America may not be as good as it could be, it is not always as bad as the common image today.

    Having a goal in life is important to some. But like all goals in life, it is only a guideline that doesn't always work for everyone. I guess I was lucky.


  3. That's good, but more often than not, people are not receiving such care. And people are trying to prevent such things for happening anymore.


  4. Fluidly Unsure

    Sorry, but American government helped me out when I needed it- I was on SSI-DI for the majority of the 90's and they paid for brain surgery that let me get of it.


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