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Yay! Welcome back to school. I can always tell when school has begun because I get a big increase in the number of people visiting this blog. I’m glad to have you here.

Whatever it is you are working on, an English paper, or research on homelessness, or studying computers and the effect of the internet, you’ll find a lot of stuff to work with on my blog.

A while back, Blogger moved all my older archives to There you will find my posts since the beginning of my blogging, back to 2002. Some of the things I wrote here are lost forever, but most of it is still intact. It’s been a strange 9 years since then. I’ve gotten off the streets, and fell back into homelessness a couple times. But, I am currently in a program that has me off the streets but not quite out of homelessness either. There are many different ways to be homeless, and some people will argue over whether a person is really homeless or not, given their particular situation. There is no exact definition of homelessness, which I think is mostly a good thing because it makes people think more about it. There is more to people than just their living situation. Well, as I used to say, “There’s more to homeless people than being homeless.”

There are no easy answers to most questions about homelessness. That doesn’t mean that their are no answers. But very few people truly understand homelessness, not enough sociologists and scientists are studying homelessness. We know a lot about outer space because people put a lot of money and effort into studying outer space. We know a lot about biology because people put a lot of money and effort into studying biology. You get the idea. Very few people put money and effort into studying homelessness. So, people’s understanding of homelessness, especially in a scientific sense, is way behind other pursuits of learning. And, because people know very little about homelessness, homelessness remains a problem without a cure.

That is why I’m so glad you are here, students of today. It gives me hope for the future, that perhaps some of you will decide to dedicate yourselves to the study of homelessness as a career, intellectual, and scientific endeavor. If homelessness is ever going to end, we will need some very serious and dedicated people working on the problem.

There’s one thing I must add. Because there is very little real scientific information available about homelessness, many of the people involved with homelessness related industries, such as running rescue missions, or soup kitchens, etc, have become the default authorities on homelessness. Though their hearts may be in the right place, most of these people are not scientists, or sociologists, or psychologists and don’t really know how to process their experiences with homeless people into tangible, testable fact based conclusions. So, be careful about what you read and what you believe, when studying homelessness. There is a lot of incorrect information out there, posing as the truth. Question everything and test it to determine if it’s true or not. That goes for everything you do in life really, not just when studying homelessness.

Well, I’m glad you are here, I hope you have a good school year.

Be happy. And if you are not happy, change things in your life until you are happy. It’s the best way to live.


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless

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