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You are in the minority, you wealthy people who care enough about the world to do something about it.  But, you know it’s the right thing to do, a good thing to do, to donate a portion of your income to charitable causes.   It may very well be that you give a monthly donation of say 500 dollars to your local homeless shelter.   That awesome.  Thank you for that.

Now if I could get you to think about it a little differently for a moment.    You make money cause that’s what you know.  You are good at it, and your success with money and the good you can do with it makes you happy.   So, perhaps you make 100 dollars per hour.   Time is money, of course.  So, what if, instead of giving the money to the homeless shelter, you instead spent 5 hours volunteering at the shelter.

I know the biggest problem with doing that is because homeless shelters are a bit out of your league.  You’re not sure how or what to do with homeless people.  Working with homeless people is not what you consider to be in your skill set.   Well, no one has those skills when they first start working with the homeless.   But, when you think about it, you didn’t always have money making skills either, but you did learn, and you did excel at it.  Perhaps, you might have strong abilities in working with the homeless that are yet untapped.   I will tell you one thing though, a person such as yourself, donating 5 hours of your time a week will actually do more good, and change more lives, than your 500 dollar donation will.

I recall there being a book, the title of which struck a cord with me,  “What The Rich Teach Their Kids.”   You see, poor people, homeless people never really get an opportunity to have their lives influenced by highly successful people.   And I’m not really even talking about money making skills, I’m just talking about success in life skills.   It is a mindset and a way of living that leads a person to success.  And the homeless, at least most of the homeless, have never experienced, or been influenced by, the way successful people lead their lives.   In life, people lead, and learn, by example.

So, I would ask you to consider lending your influence in the lives of homeless people.  Consider volunteering at a homeless shelter.   You don’t even need to be teaching a class or giving a seminar on how to be successful.  Just be there, perhaps even doing some menial labor job, and let your attitude, your demeanor, your approach to life rub off on others, on people who never really had a chance to learn how to be successful in life.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless

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  1. thats so true…personal effort more than money charity. in fact it would be a sort of charity volunteering there and not just giving them an opportunity to learn from you but also one can learn many things form others as well. everyday bring new learning experiences for us 🙂


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