I know I’ve written about “truth” before but I cannot find the post.  Maybe it was only in regards to facebook, or other outlet, but regardless, I’ve been ruminating on “truth” this morning and thought I’d post something about it on my blog.

Truth seems like such a slippery thing, and yet we base nearly all of our actions on what we perceive to be the truth.   We use truth as our compass, guiding us through life, and yet we have such a hard time understanding it.  But this difficulty with understanding truth isn’t truth’s fault, it’s our own.

One of the first things you’ll hear, when a discussion of “truth” is begun, is that truth is subjective.   I don’t find that to be true. What I find is that when people say, “the truth is subjective,” they do so because there are aspects of the truth they wish to avoid.    What is subjective are people’s many and varied perspectives of truth.  Truth itself is constant.  It never changes.   When people imply that truth has changed, what they are actually commenting on is their perspective of truth.

Another thing you’ll hear about “truth” is that truth can never be fully known.  That I agree with.   Just as you can always divide a number by two to get a new number which is closer to zero, you can never reach zero.  The beauty of that is that new things are always being discovered, making life a perpetual adventure into the new and the heretofore unknown.   That is, if you are attempting to find the truth.

Truth is such a powerful thing, nearly everyone avoids it in one respect or another.  And where we avoid truth, we begin to run into problems.  Though we declare that it is our pursuit of truth that leads us to do the things we do, most often are actions are actually an attempt to avoid the truth.

To see “truth,” a person must strip away every prejudice, every fear, every preconceived notion, and accept whatever the the truth reveals, regardless of the fear, pain, and ambiguity and uncertainty that the truth creates in regards to other aspects of their life.    As difficult as it is, this can be done, and people can get a much clearer view of the truth when they make a sincere effort to find it.   (to be continued…)


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless

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