Truth Part 2

Yes, truth can be known, although finding it is difficult.   The nature of truth has been known for a very long time.  Truth is very much like light – as the New Testament metaphor points out.   Once you allow truth into your life, just like allowing light into a room, truth will spread out and illuminate everything it can reach.   For most people, that is problematic.   Usually, when people go looking for the truth, they are looking for the truth in just one aspect of life.  But, once they knock a hole into the wall the separates them from the truth, the truth does not illuminate just the area where it is desired, but it spreads out, lighting up everything, exposing everything, making everything known.  Thing is, most everyone has some aspects of their life that they wish to remain hidden.  But with truth, as with light, you cannot pick and choose where you want truth to be present.  That is, and not look like a raving lunatic, or hypocritical ass.

By a certain age, every person develops a philosophy of life that gives answers to, and justification for, the way they live.  Religions are good at prepackaging these philosophies so to make life more convenient for people.  And a lot of people are drawn to that convenience.  But everyone, religious or not, has a philosophy of  justification for the way they live.  And as people age, the many and different aspects of their lives intertwine with each other, supporting each other, justifying each other, so that the philosophy becomes a complete thought unto itself.

Yet, when a person goes in search of truth, begins to strip away their preconceived notions, and prejudices, and justifications, so to find truth, and the truth becomes known, the whole philosophy that person has lived by begins to unravel.  And in this unraveling, more and more of the hidden things in that person’s life become exposed.   For most everyone, that much exposure on their lives is unbearable.   So, to stop the unraveling, they must retreat back to the justifications and self deception and denial that protected them.

As much as people know that the truth is a good thing, and should be the focus of their lives, they just can’t handle it.  So, to protect certain aspects of their lives from the truth it becomes necessary for all truth to be shut out.

This also affects our relationships with each other.   As much as one person desires to keep certain aspects of their life hidden from exposure to the light, to the truth, everyone must agree to help keep those things secret, or risk having their own secrets exposed. (The threat of retaliation is very real.)   So, we have this unwritten rule in society that, so to remain in good standing with others, we must all agree to preserve each other’s secrets, and lies, acts of denial and self deception.   This agreement, one to each other through out society, is a massive barrier to the truth of things.    Those who are willing to seek out the truth and tell the truth are thus often shut out, expelled and force to the fringes of society, excommunicated, etc., they are blackballed, discredited, labeled crazy or untrustworthy.

If a person wishes to live, to eat, to have a home, to make a “living,” they must adopt this way of living in denial of truth and agree to the lies that the rest of  society lives by.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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