The Nashville Way

When someone moves to Nashville, one of the first things they do is set up their utilities for their home. One of the questions the Nashville Electric Service asks people is what their profession is. The number one profession in Nashville, not surprisingly is “Singer/Songwriter.” Even more interesting is that the number one vocation of people shutting off their utilities and leaving Nashville is “Singer/Songwriter”.

Most people who come to Nashville so to try their hand at the music industry have unrealistic expectations. Many of them set a timeline. They tell themselves, “OK, if I’m not “discovered” in Nashville in 6 months (or a year or whatever time they set) then I’m going back home.” Well, those people seen to always go back home.

The people who make it in Nashville are those people who come here more out of love for music, than out of a love of fame or “success.” They don’t come here to be discovered, they come here to live. And they live here because music is their life choice. They come to Nashville to stay.

Of the people I’ve known here in Nashville, it has taken them about 10 years of hard work before actually making headway in the music industry. Ten years is a long time. Just what do musicians do in that time? Well first of all it should be said that they never give up. And again that’s because for them music isn’t some goal to achieve, but a life to live. With that kind of mindset, patience isn’t a necessity, neither is “paying your dues.” That’s because stardom, as nice as it may be, really isn’t what these talented musicians are focused on. They just want to make good music.

This video unintentionally tells the story. The names mentioned here may or may not be known outside of Nashville, but listen to the music. You’ll know there is nothing better.


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless


  1. Wandered across your blog while searching for interesting reading. I was not disappointed, I am enjoying it very much. Thank you for sharing your stories.


  2. Anonymous

    Have you read 'Outliers'? Case is made that 'experts' in any given field have 10 years of solid experience/time in their profession.


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