Democrat Vs Republican

Here I will briefly outline the two main differences I see between Democrats and Republicans.

Democrats do not create regulations just for the sake of having regulations.   Businesses, big and small, will do things that are harmful to others and the environment for the sake of making more profits.  They will pour poisonous chemicals into our water supply, they will make products that are dangerous or defective, etc, all so to increase their profits (cause taking short cuts is easier and less expensive).  And the ONLY entity that can stop businesses from doing these kinds of things is the government.   That is why we have regulations.   Republicans on the other hand don’t think that polluting the air and water and ground, and making the world a more dangerous place to live is a bad thing, so long as profits are being made.   Where Republicans are focused on making as much money as possible, Democrats are focused on creating a livable sustainable world for everyone to live in.

And Democrats not about creating a nanny state, but about keeping the playing field of life fair and level for everyone.   Ever play poker?   Although people playing against each other may have equal skills at the game, the person with the most chips has a clear advantage over those with fewer chips.  This makes it more difficult for the players with fewer chips, creating fewer opportunities for the less fortunate to compete.    And this advantage over other people is something the wealthy, and their Republican puppets try to maintain.   They don’t want a level playing field.  They want to have and keep an advantage over others.  They really don’t want fair competition.  They only want competition where the game is slanted in their favor.   Democrats want every one to have an equal chance at achieving the American dream, and they are working to make that happen.

 This is why  many people are Democrats or vote on the Left side of the spectrum.   It’s because they believe that people are more important than profits


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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