The Contributor Benefit
SUNDAY, SEPT. 2, 2012 || 7–7:30 P.M.
Nashville Symphony musician Roger Wiesmeyer will play 10 intermezzi by Brahms on his 108-year-old, restored Steinway baby grand piano. You can live-stream the performance from your computer for just $5. Half of the proceeds and all tips will go directly to The Contributor, enabling us to keep providing for our vendors. Tune into the show by logging onto, creating an account and buying Stageit “notes” (one note = 10 cents, admission is 50 notes). There is also a “tip jar” and you can buy notes during the show if you are so moved. There will be prizes for the top three tippers.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless

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  1. We need some help locating a friend of ours that lived on the streets in Huntsville, AL. His name is Andrew Kirk but he goes by Ace. We were helping him get to a friend of his in Pueblo, CO. and put him on a bus this past Wednesday night at 9:30pm here in Huntsville. His first stop was Nashville he was to get there at 11:30pm then had a 4 hour layover before he was to get on his next bus at 3:00am. The bus he was to arrive in Pueblo, CO arrived there this morning around 9:00am with no Ace. We are very concerned and are trying to track back to the last place someone might of seen Ace since his first stop was Nashville we thought would start there to see if anyone saw him there around the bus station or hopefully saw him get on his bus at 3:00am Thursday morning. We would appreciate any help in location our friend Ace. I have a picture of him let me know where to send it. I am Mike Gordon and my email is


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