Adam Lanza And Aspergers

Part 1

I feel an overwhelming need to tell my story as it relates to Asperger’s, Adam Lanza,  and my own school shooting that almost was.  Click on this link to read about the events that took place some 35 years ago.

I have Asperger’s Syndrome, a term used to describe people who are Autistic but to a lesser degree than usually associated with Autism.   There are many traits associated with Asperger’s, including social awkwardness and difficulty in communicating with others.  And being that human growth is very dependent on communication, the difficulties people with Asperger’s face begin early in life.

I’m not writing this to teach people about Asperger’s, there are plenty of resources on the internet for that.  But I do want to tell you of my own experience as a person with Asperger’s who almost did what Adam Lanza did.  Perhaps this will shed some light on what happened at Sandy Hook on that very sad day.

First of all, I would ask everyone to dismiss what has been said on television and in the media about Adam Lanza and the events at Sandy Hook.  These people who prop themselves up as experts truly have no clue.  They are shills, paid by media to create spin and content.  I know that most people understand this as the nature of media, but I still feel it should be said.

Asperger’s does not cause a person to become violent, Many experts have already chimed in, in reaction to initial reports about Adam suffering from Asperger’s.   You can read several articles specific to this on the GRASP (the Global and Regional Asperger’s Syndrome Partnership), website.

Regardless, I do not believe this is the end of the story in regards to Asperger’s and the Sandy Hook shooting.   How people interact with Aspies (people with Asperger’s) has a tremendous impact on the quality of life that Aspies experience.   Treating an Aspie with compassion and understanding will help him/her to live a productive and meaningful life, but treating an Aspie without such things can be disastrous.

Have no doubt, raising a child who has Asperger’s can be difficult and frustrating, especially if the child’s condition is not diagnosed.   Temple Grandin‘s life is perhaps the best example of the difficulties faced and overcome.   She has gone on to live a happy and rewarding life, mainly because of the care and positive influence of her mother.   For other Aspies, whose parents are not up to the challenge, their future is not so bright.

Stay  tuned for part 2


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  1. bluestockingsblog

    A boy in the town I just moved from killed him mom about a month after he turned 16. She was a known abusive alcoholic and druggie and had threatened him publicly multiple times. The system let him down, she allegedly came at him, and he killed her. He was just found guilty of second degree manslaughter…

    I knew the kid. He was quiet, shy socially awkward, but always polite. The system let him down.


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