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The following comes directly from the offices of The Contributor.

After nearly five tremendous and deeply impactful years with The Contributor, it is with a mix of sadness and anticipation that I announce that I will be stepping down from my position as Editor in August in order to pursue further education and vocational paths here in Nashville. I can hardly articulate just how important this organization has been and will always be in my life. It has, in many ways, made me who I am, and there is no question that the relationships (with vendors, staff, volunteers, supporters and community members) I’ve enjoyed through this work will significantly inform my own work (as a student and educator) in the years to come. I am extremely hopeful for what the future holds for The Contributor.

To that end, we are now beginning our search for our new Editor. The deadline to apply is Thursday, June 20 at 5:00 p.m. Please see the description below for more information, which is also on our website. If you know anyone who is well qualified (see requirements below) for the position, please pass it on to them, and share on social media sites. It is eminently important that we find the right person to help guide our unique publication into the future.
Thanks, and much love,

Andrew Krinks
The Contributor
Job Description: Editor

The Contributor

The Contributor is Nashville, Tennessee’s twice-monthly street newspaper that covers issues of poverty and homelessness, highlights the contributions of currently and formerly homeless individuals, and is sold by currently and formerly homeless persons for a profit.

$37,500 yearly salary
Benefits included

2-5 years editorial staff or newsroom experience
High attention to detail in all forms
Strong knowledge of rules of English language and grammar
Superb writing and reading skills
Significant knowledge of Nashville homelessness and poverty (and related) issues
Strong/healthy communication and interpersonal skills
Full capability with computer, Internet, email, and word processing
Reliable transportation and phone/email communication
Commitment to the mission of The Contributor

The Editor of The Contributor street newspaper reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for managing and directing the editorial department of The Contributor, Inc. This responsibility includes: managing and working with small editorial staff, freelance writers, and editorial interns; working and communicating effectively with all other staff members and newspaper vendors; directing and maintaining tight publication schedule; reviewing and content-editing all submissions and proofreading every issue; assigning feature stories; corresponding with all writers; conducting creative brainstorming sessions with homeless and formerly homeless writers; facilitating regular in-office editorial meetings; paying close attention to local and national issues related to poverty and homelessness and searching out relevant subject matter locally; developing relevant relationships in the community; writing short columns and occasional feature stories or interviews; casting, developing, and bolstering the editorial vision of The Contributor street newspaper; producing a high-quality publication that provocatively and creatively offers diverse perspectives on issues related to homelessness and poverty; and contributing to the general maintenance and promotion of the organization across all departments consistent with the direction communicated by the Executive Director.

Submit application via email only to Please include “EDITOR APPLICATION” in the subject line.


  • Resume (PDF or Word format)
  • Letter of interest (1 page max) (PDF or Word format)
  • Three (3) references (at least one professional)
  • Three (3) writing samples (journalistic preferred) (PDF or Word format)
  • One to three (1-3) examples of publication(s) for which you served an editorial function (PDF or website link)

About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless

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