Socks For The Homeless

UPDATE:: We are off to a good start.  20 40 pairs of socks have been donated so far!   Still, I know we can do much better.  The need is much greater.  PLEASE, help today, help now. Click here.

Order socks for the homeless here!  Of all the clothing needs of the homeless, socks are without a doubt the most important.   Homeless people spend so much of their lives on their feet, walking everywhere they go to get what they need to survive.   Walking a mile or more for every meal, walking to and from shelters, etc.   Of all clothing items, socks get the most wear and tear and become filthy the fastest.  And without the means to keep their clothing washed, socks need to be discarded most often.   If not, the health of homeless people’s feet quickly deteriorate.   Athletes foot is very common, corns and blisters are just things homeless people must live with every day.

Most clothing items donated to the homeless are used, older discarded items, but people don’t, and probably shouldn’t, don’t their old socks to the homeless, (it’s just not hygienic to do so). That makes new and clean socks a rare item on the streets.

Thankfully, socks are relatively inexpensive.  You can buy a pack of 10 pair for 10 bucks.  You can go to Walmart and get them cheap, then give them to a homeless person.  Or, you can go to my wish list at, right now, and order them online.  They will delivered to an address I have established at a local homeless day shelter.   So please! Order socks for the homeless here! 


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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