The War On Compassion

COMPASSION – it means making a sacrifice for someone else’s benefit.

You better believe it, the war on compassion is real.   Just look at how the majority of politicians and their business minded constituents react to issues of compassion.  For that matter, look at how conservative Christians act towards people in need of compassion.  One would think that the Constitution required citizens to be hypocrites.

It’s pretty obvious that Corporations have become the defacto rulers of the United States.   Money is power, and Corporations have most of it.   They have made politicians their henchmen, they have made conservative minded citizens, (including most of the Bourgeoisie class) their minions.

A couple decades ago it was made clear that Corporations were less than altruistic.  Hell, they were exposed as being less than moral, less than ethical, when they adopted the motto – “Greed is good for America” – if not in word, certainly by deed.  This motto, turned mantra, has served the Corporations well, as they continued achieving record profits, while the rest of the world suffered from an extended economic depression.    Yes, the quote is originally from the movie “Wall Street” (1987).  Though a fictional movie, it was highly praised for its realistic portrayal of Wall Street types.  Since the movie came out, a great many discussions have been held on this concept that greed is good.

Well, the “Greed is good” mantra has been a round a long time.  And as Corporations are known for always looking to improve on previous success, never being satisfied with yesterday’s success, they have taken the next step by declaring that “compassion is bad.”  Of course they are wise enough to not come right out and say it,  but their actions certain speak louder.

As part of the “greed is good” mentality, corporations have, for the past couple decades, been actively acquiring every media outlet in the country.   Corporations learned a while back that media has a great deal of influence over the culture of America, public opinion is easily swayed by what appears in movies, on tv, in newspapers and magazines, and on the radio.  No longer are Corporations content with making a profit, now they are on an endless quest to maximize profits.  They hold to the idea that any action that increases profits is ethically acceptable.   And that includes manipulating the opinions and mindset of the population via media.

Corporations believe that compassion hinders the growth of profits.   Always seeking new ways of increasing their revenue, they see money going to churches and hospitals and charities and they work to get that money into their own pockets instead.   They take every tax loophole they can, and successfully avoid paying any taxes.   Part of this is to encourage the government to get out of the charity business, as it would lower their own small tax burden even further.

Here’s a scenario to consider.   Every citizen knows that most purchases they make will include a sales tax and they willingly pay that tax, considering it the price of obtaining the item they want.   People know that if say they buy something with a $1000 price tag that they will actually be paying $1100 for it.   Corporations know what consumers are willing to pay for items, and hike the price of items up as high as possible without negatively effecting sales.   Now, it would behoove Corporations to have governments lower or even remove taxes all together.  Corporations could then price a $1000 dollar item at $1100 because they know people are willing to pay it.  Instead of that extra one hundred dollars going into the tax coffers, it would go into their pockets instead.

But the money that goes into the tax coffers pays for the infrastructure of our cities.   Without this infrastructure our cities would fail to function properly, if at all.  Take a look at Detroit as a perfect example of this.  (Actually, the auto makers could have stayed in Detroit, but they decided that they didn’t want to share their profits with their employees.)  As cities fall to the wayside, Corporations just move on to the next city to exploit.   And now that most Corporations are multinational organizations, once the entire U.S. goes by the wayside, they will just move on to other countries to exploit.   One of the reasons that Corporations have such sway over the office of President, is that if Corporations don’t get what they want from government, they can threaten to move their operations to another country, which would cripple the U.S. economy.

But I digress, somewhat. 

Although donations to non-profit organizations are up, donations to charities that traditionally help the impoverished are down, significantly.   You see, not every tax crediting “non-profit” is a traditional charity.   For example, many exclusive country clubs that cater to the wealthy are designated as non-profit organizations.  To receive tax exempt status, an organization only has to prove that it exists for the benefit of a segment of the population, not necessarily for the benefit of the poor.   So today we have the wealthy still donating to non-profits so to get their tax deductions, but they are  also creating non-profits that only benefit themselves.

Because of this the number of poor people in need of help (in need of compassion) is ever increasing, and the amount of money available to help these people is ever decreasing.    If this trend continues,  the number and scope of social problems in this country is going to rapidly increase.   Corporations understand this.  They just don’t care.


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