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I’m sure you’ve noticed the recent addition of advertisements here on The Homeless Guy.  Everyone else has them, why not me?   To tell you the truth, when adsense first became available, about 10 years ago, I gave ads a try, and I was summarily disqualified from using them ever again, (on the account that I used to originally set up this blog).

How did I become disqualified?

It was stupid really, the owners of google and adsense, were very afraid of offending and losing their advertising clientele, and afraid of abuses of their system, so they created some very harsh and draconian rules regarding how the ads could be shown, and used.   If you violated one of their several rules, your account with adsense and all blogs associated with it would be disassociated from adsense forever.  The adsense policy was also to never discuss why adsense cut you off.  There was nothing you could do, no one you could talk to, nothing you could change or fix to make things right.   Well, after the intial success of The Homeless Guy, I played around with other blog themes.  

Like many other people at the time, I was interested in Texas Hold’em Poker.  And so I started blogging about the game.  This evidently put me in violation of the adsense rule that their ads could not appear on any gambling web sites.   No one was gambling on my blog, I was just writing about the game.   But that was enough to have my account cut off forever.  Oh, there’s nothing like robot crawlers making administrative decisions.

Well, that was ten years ago, and things have certainly changed.  And though my original account is still not able to host adsense ads, there are certain recently added blogger administrative options available that allows for ads.  Hooray!

It looks like I’ll be earning between 15 and 30 dollars a month with these ads, and I could certainly use the money.  I hope you don’t mind these ads, and that they are not too distracting.

Another thing I talked about in a recent post was that I was changing the format of this blog.  Well I did for a while, but I have since learned that the ads don’t work on that new format.    Although that new format doubles the number of my page views, that increase isn’t doing me any good without the ads to go along with it.   So, this blog is back to it’s old format.   Sorry for the confusion.


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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