Being Normal This Labor Day

Well, Labor Day is winding down.   A friend of mine from high school (1977), picked me up around noon.   First we went to a store where I ran into the restroom to freshen up, since I hadn’t showered since Saturday morning.   Mostly it was a handful of baby wipes, paper towels wetted down, a swipe of a razor so my beard didn’t look so scraggly, and some teeth brushing.  Then we went on to San Diego Bay where some of her friends had a picnic set up.  They’d been there since the day before.

Mostly it was sitting around and talking, then we had some eats.  A while later I joined my friend’s family in playing Frisbee catch.  3 fat old people in our 50’s and one 16 year old.  there wasn’t much running and jumping for the Frisbee.   We tried to keep it casual.  Then there was some more sitting and talking.

It was all completely normal, and fun, and for that time I forgot about being homeless and the difficulties that I’m dealing with, and will have to deal with in the foreseeable future.    So much of homelessness is just a state of mind.    I’m not saying that homelessness is a conscious choice, because so many things affect our brains and the way that brains operate.   But, once a person has overcome the  mental obstacles that keep them homeless, they do have to make a conscious decision to get out of homelessness, they have to want something better for themselves, and they have to take those steps that make their escape from homelessness a reality.

I’m ready for that.    And I’m not going to settle for the trap of government poverty either.  Even if you get a place to live on section 8, you’re still under the control of someone else (government bureaucrats).   With being on the dole, you constantly have to be proving your need and your worth to the government employees who, at least once a year, decide if you are worthy enough for help.

That’s not independence. That’s just another shelter system, really.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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