Swim Trunks

This morning I made my way down to the St Vincient de Paul center at 15th and Imperial. I was hoping for services,so to be able to take a shower, etc, but all I got was an ID card and an appoint for an orientation meeting tomorrow. it may be a while yet before I am able to get off the streets. I’m not sure. The people at the front desk were not giving out information, just signing people up for orientation. Orientation is at 9am. Found out the trolley drops off just two blocks from the homeless shelter. Will need to use it next time, so not to damage my feet anymore than I already have.

I am currently in ElCajon, rode the trolley out, and then a bus to the mall. There is a Walmart around here in the mall, somewhere. I need to find a cheap phone and some swimming trunks. When wearing a pair of swim trunks I can take a shower at one of several beach side shower facilities.

I find myself conflicted between helping myself and learning to survive on the streets of San Diego. Both are doable. Both will provide grist for the blog mill. Still, one will benefit mostly me, the other will benefit mostly other people. Which ever way I go, I can still, later on, pursue the other one later. Considering how much my legs are killing me, I think I’ll go with getting myself off the streets first, so that I can heal, and then go on from there.

(later that day) OK, I did get a phone for emergency use and a pair of shorts. While at the mall (there a walmart as an anchor in this mall – in El Cajon.) I then caught a movie using a movie pass a friend gave me a long time ago. It was good to get off my feet for a couple hours. It was a bad idea to take my shoes off during the movie, my feet are ripe, if you know what I mean. Later, I did change into a new pair of socks and disposed of the dirty pair. That’s the thing with socks. It’s not very convenient to keep them washed and so it’s best to just buy them cheap and then trash them after they’ve been worn. I have two pair of socks left. I will be sleeping on the sidewalk again tonight. If I can’t get a shower and a bed in a facility tonight, i’m going to spend the money to get a motel room. I need to get some serious rest and to wash the several days of funk off my unhappy skin.


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