Well, how about that, I got nearly 4 hours of sleep last night. I am becoming accustomed to street life. I found what seems to be a better place to sleep, on the other side of the Salvation Army building. A heavyset woman, who says she has been on the streets since she was 5 years old, when her father killed her mother, claimed ownership of that bit of sidewalk.  She didn’t tolerate drug use or loud talk while other’s tried to sleep.  Apparently she adjudged me to be worthy of sleeping on her sidewalk. We talked a little while she gave herself a baby wipes bath. Her “camp” was more elaborate than most, with several blankets and sleeping bags, and various supplies in bags, a cart, and her wheel chair, nearby. I put out the blanket, which my friend had given me, to sleep on – about 10 feet away from this lady’s camp. On this side of the block there was a fence instead of a building to rest up against. For the first time, I actually took off my shoes for sleeping.  I’d been sleeping with them on, worried that if I took them off that someone would steal them.  Actually, they are hiking boots. I tied them to each other and to the fence as well.    I’m sure that helped air out my feet some. I slept with my head on my boots as a pillow, and to make sure no one tried to run off with them. I laid on my side with one arm wrapped around one of my backpack’s straps, and with my hat over my head to block the street light. When I woke up, there was a fairly constant breeze which had cooled me off a bit too much, and I was chilled.  At my age, the concrete hurts my hips.

I fell asleep about 10:30 pm and awoke about 2:30am. Usually I am getting up every 2 hours to urinate. I think it helped that i avoided having much to drink later in the day. And though I did have the urge to pee when I got up at 2:30am, it wasn’t the usual urgency. I was able to be more casual in my return to the one and only 24 hour public restroom in downtown San Diego. On the way back, I was awake enough that I decided to just stay up. I’m now in a 24 hr Subway Sandwich shop. In a few minutes I’ll be heading over to that Starbucks that opens at 4:30am.


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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