Short Post Of Daily Recap

Today I spent a good chunk of today at the Social Security office, getting a copy of my SSI award letter.   Spent the first hour in the wrong office.    Slow moving it goes, until they get to you, and then “zoom” their done with you.   They made me a citizen of California first because California has different rates for SSI.   After I got that paperwork done, I carried it down to the St Vincent de Paul center.   They’ll use it to determine my eligibility for their program, which I hope to get into.

I then rode the bus out to the Pacific Beach area and got online at the McDonald’s there.  The ride back took a lot longer than usual.    Wrapped up the day in Starbucks after having visited the store to get some stuff for my cold.    Tomorrow at 9:30am I will have been in San Diego for the first full week.


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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