Obstacles in Homelessness

Sometimes the problems that lead a person to homelessness are also obstacles for people while they are homeless.   My Asperger’s is often a hindrance to doing homelessness well.    Homeless people network a lot, talking to each other about where services can be found, where the problem areas of the town are for homeless people, etc.   With Asperger’s, though, I have a difficult time talking to people, especially people I’ve never met before.   I don’t often strike up conversations with strangers.   So, it takes me a lot longer to learn things that most other homeless people already know.

I had heard that a particular homeless shelter operated on a lottery system.  They house 250 people.   So, I was under the impression that the lottery was held every night, with over 250 people waiting outside the facility each night, waiting for the chance to get called in to the shelter for the night.   The thought of having to deal with that big of a crowd, kept me away from it.

Well I found out today that I had the wrong information.  The real deal is, once you get a bed in that shelter, that bed is yours for the duration, which I understand to be until April.    What they hold the lottery for is for the beds that have recently become available.    If you have been assigned a bed, but don’t show up for it, then you forfeit it and your bed is given to someone else. As long as you come in every night before 8pm, then that bed is yours.  there is no lottery for you then.   If all this had been explained to me at the beginning, I would have been trying to get a bed at this shelter a lot sooner.

There are still services for the homeless that I am not aware of, all because I haven’t been talking to people, to the right people, to find out more of this information.

Well, I’m staying outside again tonight. Good thoughts about abundant sleep and overcoming my cold would be appreciated.


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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