It Does Happen

Last night, after my last minutes online at the McDonalds across from City College, I packed up my laptop and headed for the place where I spend the night.   A couple blocks into the walk I see a car pass me, and then abruptly stop.  Emergency flashing lights were set, and the driver got out.   I continued to approach.

As I got closer, I could tell that this car had stopped parallel to a small encampment where a couple homeless people slept on the sidewalk.  The driver walked around the car and onto the sidewalk, taking a look at the sleepers.  He then returned to the passenger side of his car, and someone handed a bag to him out the window.   By this time I had arrived on the scene.

In his hand was a large McDonalds bag.   He reached in and pulled out a couple burgers, setting two each, besides the sleeping people.  I smiled at him and continued to walk, but then I turned and asked him why he was doing that.   He didn’t answer, but only said that he had more burgers to give and asked if I knew where other homeless people were.  He’d been driving around a while and hadn’t seen many.    I told him that I was going to a place were more homeless were located.   He asked if I would take the rest of his burgers to those people.  I agreed.   He said his name was Pajmen.  I asked him to look for my blog.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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