Urinating While Homeless

It’s a real pisser.   To urinate is one of the most basic and natural acts for humans.   But when society tells you that there are only a few limited and approved methods for urinating, then society tells you that you cannot have access to those methods, it’s enough to make you wet your pants.    Waiting until you get home can be hassle enough, but what if you don’t have a home?    I’ll tell you what you do, you break the laws regulating urination..

Walking to my current sleeping area, round about midnight, I passed a vacant lot with several waist high bushes.   I had to go, so I went.   Oh, it felt so good to empty my bladder.   It was the most precipitation those bushes had seen in some time.
I unrolled my sleeping bag, secured my possessions, took off my shoes to inspect the day’s damage to my feet.  Then into the sleeping bag I slipped.  No more than 3 minutes later I see a couple cops walking passed where I had whizzed, and coming towards me.  “I’m in trouble now”, I whispered to myself.   I fumbled around with my back pack, trying to act innocent.  They just kept walking.
As per usual, after a couple hours of sleep, I awoke with the need to pee, again.
This time I had with me the large McDonald’s cup I’d drank from previously.   It’s an old trick I learned from a time when I used to sleep in a car.   
Now that I had a sleeping bag, I had some privacy.  I sat up, kept the sleeping bag half zipped up, unzipped my pants, and placed the McDonald’s cup into the sleeping bag with me.   I then peed into the cup.     And yes, it is no easy trick, sitting up in the manner, and letting it flow.  Some muscles must contract to keep you sitting up, but other muscles must relax to let the human liquid escape.
Three times I did this during the night, each time pouring out the contents of the cup into the ground.
This was awesome, as I no longer had to put shoes back on, and pack up everything, every time, just to visit the men’s room.
Usually I get up for the day at about 4:30am.  But this morning I was able to sleep until the cops came to wake us up at 5:30am.   The cop was a real gentleman about it – called me sir, told me it was time to clear the area.   I thanked him, got up, got my things together, and headed up to Starbucks, where I got the security code for their restroom.

About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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