Acclimating To Street Life In San Diego

Acclimating To Street Life In San Diego has taken longer than I expected.  Though, I have eased into it as much as possible.  I have been living on the streets of San Diego for 2 weeks now.

I have about 14 years of street life experience, but I haven’t been on the streets for over 5 years.  So, it’s taking a while to get used to it.   Also, being homeless in San Diego is different than in Nashville.  LOL, actually Nashville and San Diego couldn’t be more different in every aspect, not just in homelessness.  The culture, politics, public transportation, population, city design, the ocean and lack there of, etc. – night and day.

I expect that on Tuesday, with my assessment meeting, that I’ll get into some kind of temporary housing situation.   But whether I do, or not, my homeless experience here is going to become more intense.   For these first two weeks I’ve been taking it relatively easy.  With what money I had with me when I arrived, I have rented a motel room three times – whenever things became unbearable.  Yes, in the past 14 days, I have taken refuge at the Travelodge on Hotel Circle South 3 times.    But now that I’ve gotten used to life here, that will probably not happen again.   That is, unless I become sick again.   The first time I booked a room, it was because of sleep deprivation and the annoying body filth that comes from not showering for days.   The second time was due to being sick with a cold and not getting enough sleep.  The third time because I hadn’t had a real shower in 5 days, I was still fighting my cold, and my feet hurt badly.   Today, my cold is all but gone, and my feet are feeling much better.    I’m not walking as much as I did when I first got here, so the burden on my feet is less now.   And, as one friend said, San Diego has it’s own unique germ pool that will take a while to evolve into.

If I get into Fr Joe’s, then my path will go in one direction, if not, it will go in another.   There is much more to the streets here that I have yet to explore.

Except for a couple recent donations that are coming by way of paypal (should have that money by tomorrow), I’m completely broke.   Blogging will become more difficult as I won’t have the funds to sit in McD or Starbucks and use their wifi.  The downtown library is closed for the rest of the month, when their new building will be opened to the public.

I do want to make some videos about homelessness here in San Diego – getting into temporary housing will make that easier to do.


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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