The Worst Thing That Could Happen To A Homeless Person

Now I do have something to write about here.   Outside of being physically harmed, which almost happened last night as well, someone stole my wallet while I slept.   All my identification, drivers license and social security card, plus my debit card and some cash  and my buss pass (which was good for the rest of the month) and a few other things were all in my wallet.    I’ll contact my bank as soon as they open to close off the debit card, but the ID is the most important loss as I need that to receive any kind of assistance.  I really hope that doesn’t set back my assessment appointment with St Vincent’s.    Also, getting ID replaced is a pain and expensive.   I’ll have to go to a charity to get help with that as well.    As things stand, post 9-11, a person needs ID so to get ID.   At least I am in the city in which I was born.   Today is going to be a long day.

Of all the problems I’ve had being on the street over the years, I think I’ve lost my wallet only once before.  I am so angry at myself.     I’ve been using a sleeping bag the past few nights.  Last night, after getting into the sleeping bag, I realized  that my wallet was still in my back pocket.   I had already locked up my back pack securely and not wanting to have to get out and redo things, I took my wallet out of my pocket, but left it within the sleeping bag.  I figured with the wallet inside the sleeping bag with me, nothing could happen to it.   Well, in between falling asleep around 12:45am and waking up at 3:45am, I must have moved around in such a way that I bumped my wallet out of the bag to the point that it lay exposed.   And then someone walking by must have recognized it, and seeing I was asleep, they “absconded” with it.   The wallet couldn’t have been more than inches away from my head, even it had worked it’s way out of the sleeping bag.   It’s all a bit creepy, as well as being a big pain in the ass.    I’m so angry with myself.   This was not part of the plan.  Now to try and minimize the fall out.   GRRRRRR


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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