Becca Stevens

It is a rare person who fully dedicates their lives to the benefit of others and makes it work.   I’ve known of only a handful of people in my lifetime who have done this, Becca Stevens is one such person.   In Nashville she started the Magdalene  House, which in turn started Thistle Farms.    Magdalene House is a place for women living the street life who have been caught up in drugs and prostitution, to get off the streets and start life anew.   Thistle Farms is a cottage industry started and run by the women of Magdalene House.   Lives are transformed every day with these programs.   And it all exists because of the tremendous efforts of Becca Stevens.

Becca was the focus of a news piece on ABC last night.   You can read about it at,

And you can read about Becca’s book at

Now, I am looking for such people in San Diego.  Hopefully they exist here and we can get together and make something happen.


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