I have spent the past two days off the internet and most of the time away from the computer – I did watch The Croods. night before last, on the laptop.

I didn’t really miss the computer.  Last time I was online the wifi was horrible, my computer was really slow and it caused me to delete my most recent post – only out of frustration because the computer would not respond with I pushed “enter” I ended up pushing ‘enter” too often.

I need to change my routine.  The last one I tried failed miserably.   I have the capacity, now that I have a laptop and “word” program, that I could be writing books and selling them on amazon.  I need to do that and stop messing around with facebook and other internet stuff.  And this laptop is adequate for my needs though I do wish I had something lighter to carry around – a tablet with a keyboard.  I need to get a good cheap used bike but still not sure where to find one.  Craigslist doesn’t help.

I’m still living in the Tent.   For the first time since I moved to SD, the fog rolled in heavy into the harbor yesterday evening, so much so that fog horns were used.   Like train whistles, but instead of a warning “here we come” fog horns say “here we are”  fog horns are mournful and low.  train whistles are hyper and high.   both tell a distant story.

I did finish reading “The Good Earth” by Pearl S. Buck.  Of such quality it won both a Pulitzer Prize, and the Noble Prize, for literature.    It reveal human nature unapologetically and without judgment.   If you are open to it, the book will teach you something about life and about yourself.  I recommend it, but only to adults who would not be so traumatized by the harshness of life that the book does not shy away from.


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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