Awards And Sour Grapes

Recently, some groups have been giving out awards to different homeless advocates.  Nope, I was not among the receivers of awards, but then, I know I’m not really deserving of any award.   I see too many other people doing a much better job of advocating for the homeless.   The thing is, these advocates, who are much better advocates than myself, aren’t receiving any awards either.    Instead, the awards are going to people who happen to place themselves in a way that gets them noticed.  Even worse is that the groups giving out the awards know little or nothing about homelessness or homeless advocacy.  Instead they base their decisions on bad or misguided information.  

Rarely is the biggest mouth attached to the most knowledgeable brain – in homelessness or any other field of endeavor. 

The, quality of a homeless advocate should not be determined by the number of twitter posts they make, nor should the number of meetings he/she attends.    Any group or person wishing to recognize a homeless advocate for his/her work, should be knowledgeable concerning homelessness themselves.   And, should rate advocates based on true effectiveness, not name recognition.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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