The Homeless Guy: Survival Tip #2 Open A Can Without A Can Opener

Homeless Survival Tip #2

We’re going to try another homeless survival tip, see if we can make two of these in a row.

I’d seen this on YouTube before and there are actually several YouTube videos about this, the trick of opening a can without a can opener.  It does happen from time to time when people donate food to the homeless they are just getting rid of  canned food they are never going to eat themselves.  It has been in the back of the cupboard for who knows how long and so you end up with cans of food like beans and tuna.

They don’t have the pop tops, and 
really, if you’re going to donate food to the homeless in cans, please try, if you can, to get the kind with the pop top lid where you can just pull it off and it opens up really easy, because not every homeless person has a can opener. 

Say you are on the street and someone has throw you a couple cans of food and you don’t have a can opener(now you can, if you have tools or whatever, work at opening it up) so this is kinda a last resort kind of deal.

What you do is, you take your can and 
turn it upside down not this way, but that the top is down.  Then, place it on a surface like this cement. It’s kind of a rough cement the rougher the better I imagine just a really hard thing. If there is no cement around find a large rock this will work as well.  What we’re going to do is you going to press down while you scrub like this.  Now, I have already prepped this can because it takes a bit too long there’s no need to be watching me scrub this.

It takes anywhere from one to two, maybe even three minutes depending on how hard you are pressing down on the the surface, and just how course the surface is. What you are going to do is wear down this edge enough that we can start seeing some little openings where the metal is starting to separate there once you’ve done that “they” say(and this is the first time we are going to try this) just squeeze from the sides and the top will pop right off.

Just like that – there is the tuna – opened it without a can opener.  There are two little problems with this it makes whole lotta noise when you 
doing this when you are out on the street you may not want to do this near other people who are sleeping as you would wake them and piss them off the other problem is it will mark up the concrete.  You can see where it marks up the cement a little there if you are doing this a lot over the course of time it’s gonna leave a the big mark and that might upset some people so just be careful on how you do that and it works with the any kind can that you using alright that’s a survival tip number one try to not get tuna all over you like I just did.  I’ll see you next time.

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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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