A Personal Update

Well, today is the 6th of January.  Yesterday was my birthday, and it was much better than Xmas.    Thanks  to everyone who sent happy birthday wishes.

I am still in San Diego and staying in the tent.  Everyday, as I watch the national weather reports, I thank my lucky stars that I relocated here when I did.   I don’t think I could have handled another Nashville winter.   I will never consider living any farther north,  it’s out of the question.   The nights here are chilly.  But again, the temperatures always rise with the sun, and blue skies are the norm.   For someone like me, who is susceptible to devastating bouts of depression, the warmth and the clear skies are life savers.

Not just because it is required of me, I want to get out of the shelter situation and into more independent living.   I’m not sure how I’m going to make that happen just yet, but now is the time to figure it out.  Either I will find a place I can afford, which will be very minimal, or I will find some forgotten corner of San Diego where I can camp and be left alone by cops and street predators.

The problem with housing for poor folks like myself is that those arrangements are always stressful.   The “programs” available for the poor, are often designed like prisons.  In prisons they may put 4 men to a cell.  In a program house they’ll put 4 men in one bedroom.  Likewise, meals are regulated, there is almost no storage available for personal affects, and curfews are needlessly restrictive, leaving almost no personal time.  And the other people staying in such program houses are usually difficult to get along with, addicts, mentally ill, etc.   Many in my situation suffer from social anxiety issues, and cramming 12 adult men with social anxiety issues into one 3 bedroom house will inevitably lead to problems.

My only other option is to again try and find an alternative source of income, one that can afford me the space I need, as an “Aspie”.    I’ve tried every vocation from professional photographer to professional poker player – all to no avail.  The last option, that may still work out, is being a writer.   I have made a little money from my writing, though nothing that would support a living.  Still, I have this laptop, and I have access to the internet, so there is potential.   I will blog when I can, and will make the occasional video.  But I will try to put most of my effort into writing a book.

I am 53 years old now.  It’s not like I have much time left anyway.


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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