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Ok, I’ve made a couple videos on youtube, and I’d like to make more, but motivation has hit a snag.   Google currently will not allow me to monetize (put ads on my videos to earn revenue) because according to Google, the monetizing program is not available in my country.    What???    I am in the United States, just like Google.  In my entire life I have spent less than a week’s worth of time outside the country. (Thank you Canada and Mexico).   Where in the world are they getting the idea that I’m somewhere other than the U.S. of A.?   I sent them a message.  Hopefully they’ll fix the problem.   It’s not like I’d make much money w[atith my videos, but every penny helps!    If you happen to work for Google and are reading this, my account is under the email address of kevin.barbieux[at] and is called “The Homeless Guy”.  Thanks!

UPDATE: (a few hours later…) I finally found out how to set the “Country” setting.  My videos are now monetized.  I’ll be making about 1 dollar per 1000 views.  That means I’ll be making about 5 dollars a year from them.  Things could change, though.  Ya never know.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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