If We Can’t Solve Homelessness

In every civilization that grows beyond a certain point, there develops a group of people who are unable, for whatever reason, to conform to the demands of the society.   Those people end up being marginalized, cast out, banished, what have you.   Until recently, those people still had some place to go, to live a life of their own, though on their own.   Just 100 years ago, or less, if a person needed to, they could venture out into the wilderness, ride a horse into a forest, etc., cut down a couple trees, build a log cabin, call it his own, and call it home – and no one would question it, no one would bother him.

But in today’s overpopulated world there is no place to go to, away from civilization.  Every plot of land, everywhere you go, is owned by someone else.  They have divided the land into parcels and have fenced off all the borders.   For those people  who just don’t “fit in”, there is no place for them to go – no place to get away from civilization.  So now, instead of having the option of being a “Jeremiah Johnson” and riding off into the sunset, these people have to cower in the shadows of the city, being kicked from one alley to another, without the ability to settle anywhere, and live a somewhat normal life.

As civilization progresses, this is the problem that must be dealt with, or that progress will stop, otherwise all the good citizens will stop “progression” and we will all return to more barbaric dark ages.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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