Laptop Troubles

I need to get a new laptop, if I am to continue with my blogging about homelessness.   Their are several issues I am having with my current laptop – it has slowed down considerably since I first got it and maintenance isn’t helping.   It is also very slow at starting up, and slow at finding and logging into whatever wifi I can find.    When I am able to connect to wifi, the contact is always slow and weak   And with blogs being less popular and youtube vlogging becoming the main source of internet activity, I need a laptop that can process, compress and upload video in a timely manner.   as it is, it takes the majority of my time to upload the few short videos that I have created.    Additionally, my laptop is bigger and heavier than practical, especially since I have to carry it everywhere I go.   I need a machine that can better handle processing video as well as one that is smaller and more portable.    As it is, my audience is shrinking and to regain my standing on the internet is to engage people in these new formats of video and podcasting (the company that owns now considers video as a form of podcasting).    I need to either make these changes in what I do on the internet, or just let it go altogether.     I do think there is potential on the internet for me to make a modest living as a “content creator”.   I just can’t get there with the machine I currently have.

This is why I started the Fundly account in the right hand column.   Please donate.  It really wouldn’t take that many donations to reach the goal.   And I would be very grateful!


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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