MacBook Air Laptop For The Homeless Guy

About a week ago I created a account to hopefully raise funds for a new laptop.  My old one, which really wasn’t that old, was problematic.  It was one of the first Windows 8 computers and that may have been the problem.   Anyway, within just a few days I had raised enough money so to get this new laptop that I am now working from – it is a MacBook Air, and I am very happy with it.   Apple products may seem expensive, but for what you get, it’s well worth the money.   I did spend a lot of time looking at a lot of laptops, some where even more powerful than this one, but those companies didn’t have the reputation for service that Apple does.   I like the fact that if I have an issue with my laptop that I can go someplace local to get it taken care of, instead of having to talk on the phone to India, or having to ship the laptop back and forth to another city, etc.

I bought this one at the Fashion Valley store in San Diego.  It was a very busy place, but there were at least as many employees as customers there, so I was helped immediately upon walking in the store, and was assisted by a total of 4 different people by the time I left the place.   They were all very helpful and very knowledgeable about their products and services.   Did you know that they even offer free daily classes on how to use the many functions that come on their computers?   In a couple days I will be attending a class on iMovie, so I’ll know how to make the most of video making on this laptop.   Though this is the smallest computer I’ve ever owned – it’s the 11 inch version, it is also the most powerful.   I’m very happy.

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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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