Jesus Bribes The Homeless

I’m sure we are all aware of that story in the bible where Jesus told a group of homeless people, “I will feed you so to meet your physical needs, but first you must listen to me preach.”

What’s that you say?  Jesus never said such a thing?  Are you sure?  I mean, come on, nearly every Christian group uses food and other services as a way of manipulating the homeless into participating in religious practices and listening to them proselytize.

Food, clothing, and even shelter are dangled in front of the homeless, like a carrot in front of a donkey.  Why would Christians do such demeaning things to the homeless unless they were instructed to do so by Jesus?  Why are Christians so condescending towards the homeless?   It doesn’t make sense in light of what is actually written in the bible.

Giving an example of a good neighbor, Jesus told the story of the Samaritan.   The Samaritan found a man on the side of the road, beaten and injured, half naked, and robbed of his possessions.  The Samaritan tended to the man’s wounds, clothed him, carried the man to a place where he could rest, and even went so far as to pay the inn keeper in advance for the injured man’s care – until such time as the man was healed and able to fend for himself again.   Not once in the story does the Good Samaritan preach to the injured man.  Not once does he require the man to learn of or participate in the Samaritan’s religion.  Never does the Samaritan obligate the man in any way for the kindness he has given.

In another part of the New Testament followers are told to “give to those who ask and do not turn away from anyone who would borrow from you.”

and, “Give to those who ask and expect nothing in return.”

Why, dear Christians, do you insist that the homeless subjugate themselves to your religion when you provide for them?   Truly, by doing so you distort the gospel and render it meaningless.

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