Homeless Terms To Know – Shelter Diversion

Shelter Diversion is a relatively new practice that attempts to keep people out of homeless shelters – and can work as a form of homelessness prevention.

When a person first arrives at a shelter and requests services, he/she meets with someone who investigates the cause of his/her need for shelter, and attempts to resolve the issue.

The events that transpire, which lead a person to seek shelter, are varied, so the responses will also vary.

  • If a person was living with their parents, but there was a fallout in their relationship, an attempt will be made to reconcile the relationship so that the person can move back in with them.
  • If a person failed to make his rent payment, or otherwise dissatisfied his/her landlord, mitigation would be attempted to satisfy the landlord and get the person back into their home.
  • If it is not possible to return a person to the housing situation they were in before seeking help from a shelter, then other options for housing are sought.  (See: Rapid Rehousing).
Shelter Diversion attempts to keep the homeless population down as well as lowers the overall demand for shelter beds.


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