Homeless Terms To Know – Frequent User

A “frequent user” is a homeless person who makes excessive use of community services.  His addictions and/or mental health issues are so extreme that he spends an inordinate amount of time in jail, and the cops are often called to deal with him, and he makes several trips to the hospital and its emergency room.

At first, HUD labeled these people “chronically homeless” but that label was inadequate.  There are many chronically homeless people who are not frequent users and some frequent users are not actually chronically homeless.

Learning about homelessness and it’s many forms and variants requires some time. But the government is now taking the time to learn these things.   They will make mistakes, certainly, but with each new discovery they will learn more, and their knowledge of homelessness will become more accurate and thus more productive.

At first, HUD was focused on eliminating Chronic Homelessness.  And you’ll still hear that term kicked around a lot.  But what they are really doing is attempting to determine who the frequent users are, then they’ll work to get them off the streets, so to save communities a significant amount of money.

What will happen to all the other chronically homeless people once the frequent users are off the street?  Will the government still be motivated to get the remaining chronically homeless off the streets?  Or will those people be abandoned once again, because they don’t really cost communities much money?

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About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless


  1. Actually that's no longer true Sirmontrock. As I have indicated previously, the government and others are changing the paradigm on which the homeless industry operates. The opportunities for families and women are still there, but all new allocations are being given to chronically homeless people – and part of the definition of “chronically homeless” is that they are “unaccompanied” i.e., they have no family, no kids with them.


  2. Kevin; you must face the facts.

    Even if Housing Now is implemented, it will have limited funding. Most of the funding will go to people with dependents-i.e., women and children. You will get no help from it.

    You will have to get yourself off the streets-that means working again, getting off SSI. The government won't help you. Single men with no dependents are considered to be expendable, & that will never change.

    Harsh words, yes, but they are true-deal with it.


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