Morning Update: SLEEP!

I remember the days when I could go 3 days without sleep and thought it was fun.  Now I go one day without sleep and I hurt.  Sure, getting older has its benefits, but wear and tear on the body takes its toll.  It seems more and more evident that I will not be living forever – dammit!

As you may have know from previous posts, I did not get any sleep night before last.  Well, yesterday evening I went to Walmart and bought a cheap sleeping bag (and a new hat) and that made all the difference.  Also, I found a different place to sleep, about 30 feet north of my usual spot – was less breeze there.   I don’t do well in the cold, and if I’m too cold, then I cannot sleep.  Being wrapped up in the sleeping bag, and that bag giving me a little protection from the cold concrete as well, the only issue was the hardness of my “bed”.  I adjusted the position of my body and the concrete didn’t hurt nearly as much. I was able to fall asleep.

I spent the evening at Tom n Toms – a new cafe in San Diego (Korea’s version of Starbucks).   After they closed, at 11pm, I walked down to my preferred area for sleeping.  I bedded down and worked to get comfortable. I fell asleep about midnight.   I did wake up a couple times during the night but fell right back to sleep.   It was remarkably quiet last night – there were no shenanigans by my fellow travelers that I was aware of.   I awoke at 5am, the very first hints of light were turning the sky above a dark blue – my favorite color.  The air was cool, but not cold.

I rolled up my sleeping bag, gathered my things, and headed to Starbucks for a well deserved urination.

This is going to be a difficult month for me financially – if you ever thought about sending a donation my way, now would be the time to do it.  Follow the link above.  Thank you.  Have a good rest of the day.


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