Even More Sleep Last Night

The problem I had yesterday, even though I did get some sleep, was that it wasn’t enough sleep. All day I had the nods. Wherever I went, McDonalds, Starbucks, riding the Trolley, etc., I couldn’t stay awake.   And that’s a dangerous thing. Being told my a security guard or manager that “you can’t sleep here” can easily lead to “you can’t come back here.”

But, last night I got even more sleep. Sure, as per usual, I did wake up a couple times during the night, but I laid down to sleep at around 11pm and woke up this morning at a quarter after 6am.

That’s actually a little too late.  It is best to be up and away before workers at nearby businesses begin showing up.  There’s a guy who is janitor of the building I sleep up against, and he came out of the building as I was packing up. He started griping because someone had defecated near by.  The thing is, I saw who did it.  It was someone else who was just walking by.  It wasn’t any of us who slept in the area.  Still he was blaming us for it. The city has two public restrooms that are open 24 hours, but San Diego has a huge downtown area and two just isn’t enough.

As with most homeless people, I would never defecate in public, a human body can retain shit for a long time, long enough to find a restroom somewhere. So there’s no need to just squat wherever. The guy who took the dumb was drunk. Drunks do stupid shit all the time.

As for having to pee at night, that’s a different story. I keep an empty, medium sized, orange juice bottle with me, preferably one with a wide opening so that I don’t miss.  I can pee into the bottle while still in my sleeping bag, and no one’s the wiser.  With the screw top lid, there’s no fear of spillage.  Sometimes, though the bottle will need to be emptied, then I have to get up and deposit its contents on a nearby plant.   Anyone walking by would just think I was giving the plant some vitamin C.

The weather looks good for the foreseeable future. Life goes on.


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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless
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