Homeless Sleep Routine

I was able to get a few hours sleep last night.  Still, I need to find a way to get more rest – I must find a place where I can nap a little during the day.  Last night I returned to the same place I’ve been sleeping since I started this.  My exact spot from the previous night was taken by someone else, but just a few feet away was a good place to bed down.

As per usual, there was some foot traffic through the night, and some noise – people arguing and some construction on the trolley tracks – but it was far enough away to be a little consequence.  I’m able to fall asleep faster with each night.  I place my backpack up against a wall and position it so to use as a pillow.  Then I unroll my sleeping bag in alignment with the backpack. I unzip the bag about half way and slide in with my shoes on. Once in the sleeping bag I take off my shoes.  This assures that no one will walk off with my shoes while I sleep – since they are at the bottom of my sleeping bag.  I zip up the bag all the way.  I then rearrange all the items in my pockets so that I am not sleeping on them – wallet, coins, ear buds, etc  I lay on my side and begin to relax. Still there is pain in my hip where it makes contact with the concrete ground.  I lean either a little forward or a little back to alleviate it.  Sure it is more comfortable to lay on my back, but I feel less safe that way.  I then put my hat on top of my face to block the street lights from my eyes.

I am completely broke until next month’s check arrives, so additional items to help me sleep will have to wait. Before I start collecting more possessions, I need to get a cart of some kind in which to lug them around.  I will also need a way to pull that cart around.  My ultimate plan is to have a bicycle with a cart attached to the back of it.  The cart must be such that I can secure the items in it with a lock.  Otherwise people will surely steal its contents.  But all this will have to wait until July. Ah but then I’ll be able to travel around the city, perhaps to the park, set up the tent and grab some shut eye in the middle of the day, when it’s needed.

With no money, it’s going to be a long 24 days. I have gotten used to eating at fast food restaurants with the money I get from disability.  I won’t be able to do that soon.  I think I have a about 30 bucks to last the rest of the month.  This will force me to seek out homeless feedings.  I need to learn about those anyway.  The experience will give me something to write about.  Still, if you’d like to help alleviate some of this burden,  please feel free to click on my donation button and send a little money. I would certainly appreciate it.

the nods are coming back.  I need to go for a walk.                                                


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless


  1. There are trade off for everything. Still, the bike and accessories will be locked up on a bike rack until actually needed. I won't be riding the bike into Starbucks 🙂


  2. …If you like to carry a minimum of things around and you don't like to ” look homeless ” isn't having a bicyle and a lock-able cart behind it ~ Which you will have to secure somewhere when you go to library , or Starbucks , etcetera , such as you describe – going to be something that , especially with someone who is not a Cool Young Person , shout ” Homeless !!! Homeless !!! ” ? Well , maybe not .
    There might be something to be said for that , but , as a homeless person myself , I never learned how to ride a bike – When I was 6 yrs old some relative – I think my grandfather – got on me (He lived in flat Texas , I lived in hilly New York State) for having training wheels on my bike saying ” Oh , you baby . Aren't you ashamed of yourself , using training wheels ? ” .
    I never rode a bike again . Ever .
    Not to this day . Going on 50 years later .
    I'm the person who a whjile ago put up a story on your board regarding someone in San Jose who was training homeless folk to be bike mechanics , also !!!
    As for tents , I was never in the Army or Boy Scouts or similar and never really learned to put up a tent , so .
    During the Occupy thing I was staying in an Occupy camp most?? people had full tents , even if fairly basic , I had my tarp/mat/similar-style ” minimal ” set-up………..


  3. Kevin, thank you for your keen description as people who have never slept out wouldn't understand.


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