The Homeless Guy’s Wants And Needs

Here is a wish list of sorts, of things I could really use, or I would really like to have.  (Even homeless people dream).   This list is beyond that of “I would like a home and a good paying job, etc.

  • Sandals – leather preferably with the strap that goes behind the heal
  • Suspenders – with the metal clips
  • Bandanas
  • A bicycle
  • A trailer to pull behind the bike
  • A means of securing the trailer so that no one steals it or its contents
  • A yoga pad for under my sleeping bag
  • A one/two person tent
  • A regular mouse for my new laptop – some things I do on the laptop require a mouse
  • An iPhone
  • A fishing pole and tackle gear
  • Funding to start a homeless/street newspaper in San Diego

About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless


  1. Do whatever you feel lead to do. But be completely upfront with him, and with yourself, about your expectations in regards to the help you give. If say you help him get into an apartment, you may expect him to start taking over payments for it after a certain point. Decide exactly when you expect that to happen, and to inform him of your expectations from the very beginning.


  2. Kevin I met someone very special down in the Oceanside area. He is a young homeless man. I want to be a support and a help to him, be whatever he needs me to be. What advice can you give me so I can help him the way he needs? Reading your blog has opened my eyes a lot. I have been playing by my rules and the way my world works. It just doesn't work that way for you guys.


  3. 3200 D. Ave., National City, CA‎ i think the 929 bush route on highland gets you real close


  4. My family sold stuff there from time to time when I was a kid. Where is it located? What street address?


  5. kevin you should go to the national city swap meet its only 50 cents to enter and have most of the stuff you seek for really cheap plus theres plenty of other things that can help you out its open on sat and sun 7 till 3pm and on sundays about 2 alot of stuff for free is left behind because people dont sell it i sell there every weekend dont make much but it helps a little bit and as i said before me and my wife are on the verge of homelessness ive been before but she hasnt but i was homeless in ohio in the winter time so i had a different set of needs verses here in san diego just a thought but could help you out ps theres alot of cans and bottles here up for the taking


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