Total Bull Shit

Update:  I emailed my case manager from Veteran Services – she in turn contacted the St Viny shelter, got the situation straightened out, and I am now in the shelter.

So, I know this guy here in San Diego who is a self made homeless advocate, and he’s a good one, making use of his considerable business acumen to assist organizations to better serve the homeless.  I first met him in Washington DC at a conference.  We meet up occasionally to talk about homeless issues of the day, and he keeps me advised about the progress being made in the homelessness industry.  He is a champion of the new paradigm concerning ending homelessness, and his influence is paying off.  More communities are embracing the Homeless First, Continuum of Care, and Rapid Rehousing models.

So, recently he contacted  (VCS) Veterans Community Services on my behalf, an organization designed to help re-house Veterans.  He was able to get me a meeting with them.   When I met with them, they said they would help as much as possible to get me housed in 90 days.

Yesterday I received a message from my advocate friend saying that he had a message for me from the VCS.  I then checked my email and found this from the case manager at VCS:

So I talked to Earlene who is the program manager at St. Vincents (otherwise known as Father Joes) and I asked since you are in the process of getting your VI-SPDAT imputed if you could stay there since there is an open bed for VI-SPDAT clients, with permission from their housing navigator and her. She is ready for you and all you have to do is show up at 1501 Imperial Ave and go to the front desk and tell them your a direct deposit and they should either contact her or tell you where to go specifically in St. Vincents. She asked if you could get there tomorrow, Wednesday, by 8 am preferably…

So I arrived there this morning at 8am.   Got into a line at the front desk, which took a half hour to get to talk to someone.   I was then told to wait in the lobby area.  I waited until 10:45am, at which time I was informed that they had no information about me in their system and that they could not accommodate me.

At hearing this I just shook my head and said, “Typical”, and left.

Of course I trust people way too much, and when they say they’ll do something, I have a tendency to believe that it will actually happen.  So I did a stupid thing, yesterday, on getting the above email.  My monthly payment for the YMCA was due – (the place I go to shower and where I keep a small locker for my clothes).   Thinking that I no longer needed the Y membership, seeing as I would now be staying at St. Vincents,kd I cancelled it.  And, because this afforded me an additional 50 bucks that I was saving for the membership payment, I used that money instead for a hotel room last night.

With the events, or non-events, of today, I no longer have a decent place to shower, and I no longer have a storage locker that I really need, and I’m still having to sleep on the sidewalk.  And to think, I was about to give my tent away as well – at least I still have that.

   … and all the idiots cry out, “but the homeless have all the services they need.”

   “Bull Shit” said I.  “Total Bull Shit.”

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I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless

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  1. Great to hear! Let us know how the new digs are.


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