The End Is Near?

I’m sure you can tell by my lack of enthusiasm that I’m pretty much done.  Blogging about homelessness is no longer a thing for me.  Way beyond burn out, I’m just exhausted.   Homelessness has consumed the better part of my life.  I’d say it’s more than fair that what remains of my life should be mine to do with what I want.

I’m in a good position to end my homeless journey very soon, perhaps in a couple weeks.   When that happens, I’ll call “end of story” to the blog, buy myself a fishing pole, and head out to the OB pier for the next couple decades.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless


  1. Kevin,

    You're due a break at the very least, so understandable. As “Insomnia” above says though, please don't give up on everything. You're helping others in ways that are inexplicable even. It's been really good to know that someone can identify somewhat at least, with what I'm going through.
    I'm glad for you that your circumstances may be getting better, and hope so hard that it all works out for you.

    Take care.


  2. …Well , if do , ” bestest “……………………………………………………………..


  3. As a person who serves the homeless as part of a wagon ministry (food, fellowship hopefully, where YOU are, no waiting in a line or shelter rules), I have found your blog an integral part of my week. It helps to understand what you are going through.

    Congratulations on getting off the streets. Enjoy it and stay safe. And if you want to help our ministry, let me know.


  4. So glad to hear your circumstances are finally leading you “home.” Kindest wishes!


  5. Kevin,
    I hope you aren't giving up on everything. I mean if you want to give up on the blog…understandable. But it's something to do like a hobby rather than a requirement. Trust me people read your stuff…It's like a deep intimate understanding of a world within a world. Most people with a much different way of life have a stereotypes. I think your blog truly break down a lot of barriers not just for me but others. I used to be scared or hesitant to approach people in a homeless state sometimes. But as I had read more and more that fear seems more distant than anything and for that I thank you for helping mankind understand we are all the same, with all the same needs for care, understanding and human attention.


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