You Can Not Judge Me

Well, actually you can judge me, but you can accurately judge me only if you know me.   And I happen to know that no one knows me.  Some may like to tell themselves that they know me,  but they are delusional.  You would be hard pressed to even find someone who has lived a similar life.  Just imagine, most people who have been homeless have been homeless for less than one year.  I’ve been homeless for over 15 years, and have dealt with other aspects of homelessness for even longer.

I have lived a life that no one could advise me on, could instruct me how to live it.  I’ve had to figure it out on my own.   My method of survival is my own.  Without the method I have developed, I dare say that I would have not survived this life.   Of course to most people who live outside of this life, they may find fault with it – because what I have to do to survive is not what they do to survive.  Some of what I do to survive actually is frowned upon, or even against the rules, (man made though they are), in the world that most others live in.  Oh well.  I’m living in a different world.  This world I live in has it’s own difficulties and obstacles and expectations that are not found in your world.

Even in those places where your world and mine intersect, I still must go by what’s necessary for my own survival, I can’t go by your game because this intersecting will only last a small while and then I’ll be back in my own life.

Just know that what may be considered ethical or moral in your world may put me in a difficult if not vulnerable position in mine.   For the most part I fly under the radar.  I don’t do this solely as a means of avoiding things, but as a necessity of my survival.

You want to judge me?  First you’d have to understand me.  Good luck with that.


About Kevin Barbieux

I have been diagnosed as being chronically homeless. I write about my experiences and opinions of being homeless

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  1. …I have been homeless (with on/off periods ~ basically , always ” homeless-plus/ex-near- homeless “) a long time myself .


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