It Broke

So, as I was exiting the trolley at the Santa Fe station today one of the rear wheels on my little cart broke and folded underneath.  Cheap ass shit.   I thought of going to the Ace Hardware store in downtown to look for another wheel, but then figured the other wheel would probably break soon enough anyway, so I went ahead and bought another new cart – the new one cost 5 bucks more but seems sturdier; hopefully it will be more reliable.  And thank goodness that I just received a paypal donation so that I could afford to get it.   I would have been screwed had that extra money not come.   No way am I going to lug around so much extra stuff on my back.   I would have just ditched 75% of it, and forced myself to do without.  I just hate to see decent stuff getting trashed.   Maybe tomorrow I will do an “unpacking” video, of the contents of my cart and backpack.  Those are usually interesting.  I just have to remember to charge up the camera battery.

I tell ya, the sidewalks and streets, especially around the trolley tracks, are a mess and cause a lot of damage to little carts.  Instead of building yet another new park or tourist attraction, San Diego needs to take care of it’s roads and infrastructure.


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